Still running with the Olympic spirit!

Here are my picks for the best 60-second Olympic commercials airing during the Sochi 2014 Games.

1. BELL — The Best of Canada on the Best of Bell

An emotionally stirring Russian Red Army Choir is playing as someone who looks like Sidney Crosby drops his iPhone from the chairlift while watching the Olympics; the iPhone or tablet screen playing the Olympics remains in the middle of the frame where people are watching during their everyday activities: from the boat to the boardroom, from the hospital room to the locker room, from the laundromat to the taxi, to the breakfast table, to the senior couple getting a quick kiss on the sofa, etc. It’s great. Just puts a smile on your face, because you know you are one of those people trying to see the Olympics wherever you happen to be.

2. GILETTE – By a Hair

The spot features one very good-looking 30-something man after the other, including a stunning Asian gentleman, slick close-up images of sports and other things won and lost “by a hair”, with a sexy male voice-over. Mmm. A close shave is very nice, in fact.

3. CANADIAN TIRE – Team Photo

From the We All Play for Canada athlete “stories” series, the spot features Jonathan Toews sitting among people wearing red whom we assume to be team members. But as the camera zooms out and the narrator begins with “Jonathan Toews, assisted by…” we see images of the “early rising parents… tireless fundraisers…coaches and trainers, business sponsors, carpoolers, organ players, sign makers, grandparents, skate sharpeners”, etc. The the camera pulls out completely and we see them all sitting in a red maple leaf formation as the narrator ends with “there’s no such thing as an unassisted goal.” This ad appeals not only to nationalistic fervor but also brings attention to all those people who did in fact assist the athlete in his success.

(bonus) PROCTOR & GAMBLE – Thank You Mom

It is in my opinion more powerful than the Proctor & Gamble — Thank You Mom spot. Although beautifully mixed with a hauntingly poignant music, it rings a bit too opportunistic.