kony-2012-time-mag-coverKONY 2012 is 30 minutes of fascinating video on how to use star power, social media and the dynamics of top U.S.-grade marketing to sell an idea to the masses, influence politicians and force change in a “good” way. If the revolution won’t be televised, it sure will be seen, experienced, and sustained by billions around the world, live. So far, YouTube viewership for KONY 2012 was growing at the rate of 100,000 an hour since March 5 2012, and a million an hour as of March 7. And it has been set to “expire” on December 31 2012.

Kony 2012 Facebook page

Very well-made, this doc spearheads an extremely elaborate, well organized high-tech grass-roots campaign to arrest an African warlord. It’s got everything, including merchandising, a website, petitions, and a limited-time-only countdown. It sells itself as an incubator of Facebook era social change, it is run like a political campaign, and it is an event to watch unfold, whether or not you support it.

kony-2012-stats-graphicBut, like spliting the atom changed the world beyond the author’s original intention, this plan to make an evil person “famous” in order to make him visible worldwide and be caught, can be adapted to anything and anybody, anywhere. One can then surmise that this new and very effective means of mass upheaval for the good of mankind can also be used, with the surgical precision of a well-oiled military campaign, to annihilate anything or anyone deemed undesirable by the masses. Because it’s been done already.


Only now it’s We The People who will collectively wield the big stick. But how accountable are We going to be? And to whom? In that light, KONY 2012 may likely become a world-watching, public lynching. Is this good or bad? What is the price for justice?

Perhaps only the tools of propaganda have changed. But the results will be as benign or as horrific as they always have been. Depending on interest, as always.

See the entire film here.


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