Very touching soundbite of Dr. Raz Somech as he was introduced to the audience before taking questions on opening night, May 14th 2011, in Montreal. This was after the screening of Shomi Eldar’s documentary Precious Life, in which Dr. Somech performs a life-saving operation on a Palestinian baby.

Dr. Somech speaks with a thick Israeli accent, but you’ll get the gist of a man whose humanitarianism is front and center in all he does. Please forgive the poor quality of the video. Here is a paraphrase of his impromptu speech.

“This is real life in Israel; the complexities, dilemna and conflict are part of our life. But always we have a desire to live peacefully with our neighbours, with the hope that one day we can live together in peace. Many Israelis are using the same means, the same codes to live with our neighbours peacefully. I don’t see any other alternative, as just by doing things like this, everyone with their own piece of land, we can try to change the previous beliefs of people so that they can start to see eachother differently. The peace process will come from the bottom up, from the people, where we can learn from eachother. This is how we can build a better future for our kids.” – Dr. Raz Somech

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